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Hafa Adai, we are TOHGE (pronounced Toe-Gi) Guam; The Guåhan Peer Support Cultivation Foundation.


We are a Recovery Community Organization that provides Peer Support Services for those who continue to struggle with a mental health and/or substance use disorders.

In the Chamorro language Tohge means; stand, or rise up. But it’s also embedded within our mission statement, for TOHGE is an acronym as well. Our mission statement is: The establishment of a sustainable territory-wide network of empowered peers by;

Transforming Ourselves thru Healing Growth & Enrichment.

We the members of TOHGE Guam are able to provide Peer Support Services for our peers through our own lived experiences. All members of TOHGE Guam have managed to find our own pathway to recovery from our issues with mental health, substance abuse, and some have both (co-occurring disorders). We’ve accepted personal responsibility for our own issues, managed them, and become self-sufficient; enough for ourselves so we can work with others that face the same issues as we once did.


By facilitating self-advocacy and self-efficacy, we empower each individual to find their voices in their own recovery process.

We allow our peers to explore their own options, with what their recovery should look like to them. We allow them to take their own direction down their pathway, and we’ll walk alongside them. We work with them where they stand in their recovery; whether they want to take medication or not for their mental health issues or if they want to continue to use drugs and alcohol. We take a person driven approach, we focus on their strength, and promote independence.


Currently we have eight 10 Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and 8 peers whom are interested in taking the steps to become a Peer Specialist.  We service over 30 peers in our community.  Most of our peers come from Judicial Programs such as:

  • Adult Drug Court
  • DUI Therapy Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Veterans Court
  • Juvenile Drug Court
  • Guam Family Recovery Program (GFRP)(Family Drug Court)
  • Second Chance Act (Guam Adult ReEntry Court Program)

We recently just received two contracts from the Superior Court of Guam for the next 5 years for the GFRP, and are in negotiations with 4 other programs.

In the next 3 years we see ourselves with 20 plus Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, having our own facility with Respite Care. 



Dean C. G. Toves

Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center - Drug & Alcohol Branch (New Beginnings)
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
TOHGE Inc. The Guahan Peer Support Cultivation Foundation
Executive Director
NCD Consortium: Alcohol Prevention Team (One Nation: Alcohol Free Guam)
Guam Homeless Coalition
Consumer Board Representative
Cell: (671)686-7531
Office: (671)475-5445